Stockway, the automated ad posting software

  • With Stockway, the automated ad posting software posts your ads on several websites, in a few clicks!
  • Innovative software, Stockway is specialy made for used industrial vehicle sellers
  • Stockway is partner with lots of classified ad websites specialised in indsutrial vehicles

Type your industrial vehicle ads once, Stockway automatically publishes them on more than 30 websites !

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Create your own website

A website 100% adapted to your commercial activity

From Stockway, create your own custom company website and made for industrial vehicle sellers.

Your ads are broadcast and synchronized on more than 30 partner websites and your own website !

Stockway on every device

Features for your sales

Lots of features suited to the specific needs of used vehicle sellers

Commercial documents

Create your commercial documents in PDF in 1 clic: POS, technical data sheet, used vehicle list.

Website creation

Your tailored website in your company's livery, with automatic update of your ads.

Email campaign

Advertise your ads by email to your contacts: create targeted email campaigns, choose the sending frequency.

Contact management

Import your contacts, create lists, easily keep in contact with your clients and prospects.


Analyze the performance of your fleet with detailed reports.

Manage your ads

A unique interface for all your ads!

Stockway displays your ads to 30+ websites:

  • specialized classified ads websites,
  • free non-specialized websites,
  • your company's website.

Thus, you manage your ads publication from a unique place.

Our publication reports keep you updated on the state of your published ads at any given moment.

Your publication report


Your dashboard

Manage your company's activity

At any given moment, your dashboard gives you an overview of your activity.

Evaluate, analyse and optimise your performances

Stockway offers you the tools to follow your sales and evaluate your return on investment.

Easily follow the key indicators of your activity.

From your dashboard, get the detailed statistics of your fleet, your ads and your sales.

Your dashboard

Management of your fleet of used vehicles and equipment

Optimise the management of your used vehicles fleet!

With the multi-criteria search, you find your vehicles and equipment easily (sorted by publication website, famillies, categories, bodyworks, makes, models, reference).

Our adapted forms allow you to detail your vehicles and equipment data to the maximum, to increase the qualification of your ads on the publication websites.

With the "Archiving" and "Sales history" junctions, your fleet's data are saved without limit!

Your fleet management


Software compatible with every devices

Manage your fleet and your ads wherever you are!

Take advantage of a clear and intuitive interface especially designed and optimised for every devices: desk computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

In 1 click, save the pictures of your new vehicles and materials, and come back later to complete the technical sheets!

Stockway on every device

Partner sites compatible with Stockway

With Stockway, you can benefit from promotional offers with most of our partner sites.

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