Stockway is an automated ad posting software. With Stockway, you can post your ads of used vehicles and equipment on all of our partner sites.

What is an automated ad posting software?
Stockway helps you simultaneously post your ads on numerous partner sites without typing them several times. You save time and gain visibility.
Do I have to install a software on my computer?
Stockway is a software entirely available online. All you need is an internet connection. Simply sign up to start using Stockway.
What happens when I add a partner site?
A notification email is sent to the partner site when a publication account is opened. This email has your contract details as well as a link to your ads flow.
How do I publish on a free partner site?
The publication on a free partner site usually doesn't require any action on your part.
How do I publish on a paying partner site?
In order to post on a paying partner site, you have to have the necessary subscription to this website. Most of our partner sites offer you promotional offers when you post on their website for the first time.
I published my ads but they are not on any website. What do I do?
The publication of your ads depends on the update frequency of our partner sites. This frequency appears on the information forms of each partner sites as well as on your publication reports. If it is a paying partner site, make sure that you have subscription to this website.
How long does it take for the ads to be online?
The ads' publication period depends on the update frequency of the partner sites. This frequency is listed on the partner sites's information sheets as well as in the publication reports.
Can I adjust my ads publication depending on the partner sites?
You are free to choose which ads you wish to publish, as well as on which website you wish to publish them (selective publication).
What are the partner sites compatible with Stockway?

We have a large choice of partner sites. Don't hesitate to submit us your partnership ideas and regularly check the list of partner compatible with Stockway.

How do I add a website that is not compatible with Stockway?

Send us your request. We will look at every integration possibilities according to your needs. Don't hesitate to let the classified ads websites you use know that you use Stockway.


Stockway offers a large range of subscriptions fitting your fleet VO or used equipment.

How do I get a subscription?
Simply contact us to benefit from a free and non-binding trial period. At the end of the trial, we will contact you to present you an offer fitting your needs.
How to cancel my subscription?
Simply send a letter to:

Stockway Consumeo
Le Moulin Collot
88500 Ambacourt, France

The notice period to terminate your subscription is 30 days upon receipt of the termination letter, as attested by the date on the postmark. There is no engagement period and no termination costs.
What are the accepted methods of payment?
The payment methods are the following: bank transfer, direct debit.
How many ads can I publish?
The number of ads is unlimited during your trial period. You can also estimate your needs depending on your fleet. Then, the subscription's price depends on the number of ads you wish to post whatever the number of websites you post to.

Your website

With Stockway, you can easily create your website.

Is a subscription mandatory to activate the website option?
If you only want to subscribe to the website option, contact us for a personalised offer.
How to customise my website?
Once your website is activated, you will have an easy-to-use management interface, accessible from your Stockway account.
I already have a website. How do I send my ads to my own website?
On request, we can buld a gateway between Stockway and your own website.
How to register a domain name?
You will be asked to fill in a form and send us the possible supporting documents. We will then take the required steps.
Can I transfer a domain name?
If you already have a domain name, and if you wish to keep it to ativate the website option, you will be asked to fill in a form and send us the possible supporting documents. You will need to send a recorded letter to your current provider, if necessary.

Technical support

A technical problem? The Stockway team is there for you.

I want to open an account. Is it possible to import my ads directly on Stockway?

You can import all your ads if they are already online on most of our partner sites, for instance, the websites of the Via Mobilis network. Contact us to have more details.

What browsers are compatible?
Stockway is compatible with the major latest versions of the main web browsers. (Chrome , Firefox , Internet Explorer , Safari ). To fully benefit from the Stockway features, it is highly recommended to update your browser.
How to update my browser?
For instance, you can go to , choose the browser you currently use, then follow the update instructions.

For more information on the use of Stockway, consult the online help, available at all times from your Stockway account. In case of problem, contact us.